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Youth of Africa, please always bear in mind that integrity is a vital pillar of successful enterprepreneurship. It… https://t.co/pR1YijM4Dx
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African Youth, 2018 is your year of phenomenal success.Embrace change and step out of your comfort zone and aggress… https://t.co/GLGsCRzqaV
President @MagufuliJP Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year. May The Almighty shower you with his blessings abund… https://t.co/nHBJQfXLjt
Kijana,haitoshi kusema NAWEZA, ni lazima UAMINI kwa dhati kwamba unaweza.
African Youth, the future sustainable economic development of our continent is rightfully in your hands. Currently… https://t.co/sNYg3UMuRV
R I P Calestous Juma, Kenyan born Harvard Professor, one of the most reputable people in the world, a towering scho… https://t.co/72v88kW5Ec
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African Youth, when you were asked how you were doing in your business you said “If only things could have been d… https://t.co/omv5J4X6qC
Happy Birthday my love, I wish you many more happy years full of fun,happiness and love @JNtuyabaliwe You are the a… https://t.co/i2BQjabgMQ
African Youth, If you do not have any respect for your word, how can you expect others to so.
African Youth, always remember: “Vision without action is mere fantasy. Action without vision, however, will be just a memory.”
African Youth,”Stop looking at who you think you are and start looking beyond,to who you really are. If you begin… https://t.co/WCYQygqeHE
“When a jumbo jet crashes, we will rush in with assistance, but we forget that each day 30,000 children die unneces… https://t.co/haFoDDqlz9
African Youth, “Do not ask God to guide your footsteps,if you are not willing to move your feet.”
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Usichoke kusaidia wanaotaka msaada wako. Jiulize je ungekuwa wapi leo kama Mungu angechoka kukusaidia?
“Most of us go through life sleepwalking.If one third of your life is spent sleeping you have two thirds to work wi… https://t.co/UhKmrkgMab
I congratulate President Kenyatta for capturing and executing the vision and spirit of EAC - One people, One destin… https://t.co/tvjIp9awdm