Business Activities

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Print media

The Guardian Limited publishes The Guardian, The Guardian on Sunday, Nipashe, Nipashe on Sunday, and Sema Usikike, which are amongst the largest selling in Tanzania. Other newspapers are This Day and Kulikoni weeklies published by Media Solution Ltd.

Electronic media

Dr Mengi’s flagship electronic media is (ITV) Independent Television Limited and runs the largest coverage private television and radio stations- Radio One, Capital Television, Capital Radio, East Africa Radio and Television.


Bonite Bottlers Limited produces Coca Cola drinks under license and the Kilimanjaro drinking water which is the most widely sold bottled water in Tanzania.


IPP Resources: A company dealing with mining and mineral exploration through subsidiary companies ; Free Africa Mining Company ltd, M-Mining Ltd, Gold Africa Ltd, Diamond Africa Ltd, Platnum Africa Ltd, Tanzanite Africa Ltd, Tanza Diamond ltd.
IPP Ltd ownership in these companies is 100%.


Infocom Technologies Ltd -a company dealing with Information Technology.
Starfish Mobile East Africa ltd: A company dealing with data communication



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RAMADAN KAREEM I wish you a peaceful and…
Regarding our peace we must remember MLKing’s words “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools”
“Mpende jirani yako kama nafsi yako” Hii ni amri ya Mungu na si chaguo lako wala langu. Daima tukumbuke kwamba upendo ni nguzo kuu ya AMANI.
RT @CKirubi: As you pursue excellence in entrepreneurship or corporate world remember success doesn't come overnight. It's a long journey t…
Jamii yeyote ile haiwezi kujikomboa kutoka kwenye umasikini wa kipato bila kwanza kujinasua kutoka kwenye umasikini wa fikra.
Young Entrepreneur many of the super rich were once of humble means. By grace of God, you can also become super rich. Nobody can stop you
Most Africans are poor because they are blinded by the belief that Africa is poor and thus limiting their creativ…
Nani kakuambia eti huwezi kutajirika? Unaweza tena sana, lakini kwanza vunja vunja minyororo ya kutojiamini.
African youth must remember that all natural resources in Africa belong to Africans. It is their birthright to own…
Vyote vinakuja na kuondoka. Mungu peke take ndiye wa milele.
RT @Aalyel: "#Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you #inspire others to do."
If we want to develop economically there must be fundamental change in our thinking from we CANT to we CAN. Notwith…
Kama tunataka kupata maendeleo ya kiuchumi lazima pawepo na mabadiliko makubwa ya kifikra, kutoka HATUWEZI, kwenda…
RT @UKenyatta: Our forefathers fought for political liberation. It falls upon us to ensure economic liberation, to ensure the artificial bo…
I wish you a very peaceful Easter full of love, happiness and lots of fun. Remain blessed, always.
With former Nigerian President General Olusegun Obasanjo during the African Continental Free Trade Area meeting in…
Ningependa kutaarifu umma kuwa sina akaunti ya Facebook. Mtu yoyote anaetumia jina au picha yangu Facebook achukuliwe hatua za kisheria.
I join other EAC citizens to congratulate President @UKenyatta & opposition leader @RailaOdinga for placing Kenya’s…
Walionacho wanaishi kwa amani kwa ridhaa ya wasionacho.
I have been inspired by the wisdom of Pope Francis who said, “we cannot resign ourselves to losing a generation of…
Every human being is born no I and a winner.If you truly believe so, you will always be number one and a winner in every aspect of life.